“She’s the forgotten woman”: Grieving mother seeking justice 5 months after daughter’s murder

PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — Kristopher Jones appears in court Thursday on charges of abduction, robbery and carjacking — but not the death of his girlfriend, Janice Lugo, or Minnie Woodard.

Police have not yet charged anyone with Woodard’s death or with the death of Janice Lugo, although it was Jones who led police to Woodard’s remains back in January after he allegedly kidnapped Woodard and her husband while attempting to extort money from them.

Lugo’s grieving mother told 8News on the eve of Jones’ hearing that she’s waiting for justice.

“Every time there’s a trial I have to go through again and again and again,” Aida Decosta Gomez said. “I want this over.”

It’s been more than five months since Lugo was found murdered in her Petersburg apartment. Her boyfriend, Jones, was then wanted for his role in the Woodard case.

“She is the forgotten woman,” Gomez said. “She was forgotten. Nobody mentions her.”

Gomez told 8News her daughter was trying to leave Jones but that they had a long history.

“Her kindness got her killed,” she said.

As more time passes, the more she is left with questions.

“Because of having no type of closure except when I saw her all smashed up in the coffin, this is all I have left,” she said. “And the memories that I have in my heart.”

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