Summer Loving: Trinity Episcopal’s Bacot has scouts swooning

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Trinity Episcopal’s rising junior center Armando Bacot seems to pick up major college scholarship offers the way a parent might pick up a child’s discarded toys on a playroom floor. He does it with about the same ease with which he stuffs a dunk or tosses a full court pass.

The 6-foot-10-inch big man helped lead the Titans to their first VISAA State Championship in decades, and he turned heads while doing it. With big hands, nimble feet, and a great outlet pass, Bacot has continued to draw interest as the school season has ended and the AAU season has begun.

Just this summer, Bacot will head out to Los Angeles and Las Vegas among other locations to compete with the rest of the best in the country. Through it all, he says he’s trying to stay humble, stay himself, and keep improving.

Chip Brierre met with Bacot as Trinity Episcopal  closer out Steward School Summer League.