Washed out bridge in Lunenburg County strands four families at home

VICTORIA, Va. (WRIC) — Four families in rural Lunenburg County are stuck in a real jam. Last week, mother nature took out the bridge that leads to their homes. It’s the only thing connecting them with civilization.

Since it washed out, those families have struggled to get to work, the store and even the hospital.

Tim Jones says his 21-year-old son was doubled up in pain with appendicitis when he had to crawl across the broken down bridge. That was the only way his parents could take him to the hospital.

Jones’ son is going to be okay, but the bridge is now what’s paining the family.

“We have no way in and out for jobs or it makes it very difficult to be able to get and do our jobs,” Jones explained.

In order to go anywhere, the family has to gingerly step across the sunken structure.

Then they can hop in one of two cars that are on the side of the bridge that leads to town.

Since it’s on their private road, the family is responsible for fixing the bridge.

Jones says they have already done that twice before at a cost of about $10,000.

“I guess we need help. Just a little bit,” Jones said. “And we’re not asking for anything for free, but with our limited funding, it may be payments. Whatever it takes.”

Jones is on his disability with limited resources.

He hopes someone in the community might be able to help by donating materials or manpower to build a new bridge. Click here to email him.

In the meantime, the Home Depot in South Hill has donated lumber and concrete materials to the family to build a foot bridge.

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