Men on bikes made dog run until she collapsed, allegedly beat her before leaving

DETROIT, MI (WCMH) — Dog rescue workers and volunteers in Detroit are searching for two men accused of abusing a dog until she collapsed so they can turn them into police.

The white pit bull was rescued from the east side of Detroit after two passersby saw two men forcing the dog to run behind their bike. The men are accused of pulling her with the bikes, but she couldn’t keep up and she collapsed.

“They tried to get the dog up to walk again,” Kristina Rinaldi with Detroit Dog Rescue told WXYZ. “When the dog did not obey their command, they then began beating the dog, and she’s got some bruising to her head. She’s exhausted. She’s frightened.”

The dog, now named Penelope, was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic. The veterinarians say that Penelope is suffering from several serious issues, including heat exhaustion, heartworms and problems with her uterus from overbreeding.

Image courtesy of WCMH

“It’s just a really sad story. When these temperatures, and even when it’s 75 degrees and you’re running your dog behind your bike, that’s a lot of work for these dogs,” Rinaldi said. “And you have dogs that will collapse. And the worst way you can get them up is to beat them. It’s disgusting.”

Detroit Dog Rescue workers and volunteers are caring for Penelope and hope she will recover. They have started a fundraiser to pay for her critical care needs.

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