California shoplifting fight over Hot Cheetos caught on camera

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (WTNH) — Video of a confrontation at a California convenience store is going viral.

Witnesses say it all began when a man and woman tried to walk out of the store with snacks they didn’t pay for and the Hot Cheetos went flying.

One of the store owners was on the phone with police as the couple hit and pushed him.

Another store clerk was trying to stop the two from walking out of the store with the food they had not paid for.

A customer sitting outside in her car captured this now viral video from her phone.

She went to hit the clerk with the bag of chips. They blew up everywhere. And then because she lost a couple bags of chips, she turned around and got some more,” said Georgia Peterson, a witness to the incident.

No one was seriously hurt.

Police are still searching for the man and woman seen in the video.

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