Brandermill residents upset over pool closures, lack of communication

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Some residents in Brandermill are upset because they say while the prices for their pool memberships go up, the quality of service has gone down.

The sight of an empty pool being worked on has left some residents in Brandermill heated. Two of the three pools spread throughout the huge community are closed for repairs, but residents still have to pay full price for a pool membership.

“Well you’re paying over $300 for the membership alone and the pools aren’t open,” said resident Eileen McQueeny.

Kaitlyn Putney.

“If they’re late opening the pools, why should we be required to still pay full price?” said resident Kaitlyn Putney.

The pools normally open Memorial Day. With two out of the three closed, residents were left with one option.

“There were residents turned away from the one pool that was open because they had reached capacity,” said Putney.

And with summer vacation for students around the corner some parents are worried this could become a reoccurring problem. Residents say the community association never notified them the pools would be closed.

“They have not communicated that fact and that’s frustrating,” said McQueeny.

“A lot of Brandermill residents would prefer a discount or if they’ve already paid for their pool, a refund,” said Putney.

Beyond the inconvenience, some are worried the community’s reputation is taking a hit, keeping away potential buyers, which they say could eventually lower property values.

Eileen McQueeny.

“When you look at a community where two out of the three pools are closed, people that are going to move here are saying ‘why are you going to move to a community like that’,” said McQueeny.

Not everyone was upset. We did speak to a number of residents who said that in the decades of operation, this is the first time pools were closed on Memorial Day.

We did reach out to the Brandermill Community Association for a response but have yet to hear back.

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