Neighbors say city workers left giant hole on their Richmond street

RICHMOND, VA. (WRIC)  — People on Silver Avenue in Richmond say they’re fed up with a problem on their street. It’s a giant square hole that neighbors say has been there since January.

According to residents, city workers cut the hole to fix a broken pipe underground, but then never came back to fill it in.

Alfreda Dickerson says she’s called city hall and her council member multiple times looking for help.

“You call them because you need something done and they don’t even have the decency to call you back. It’s disappointing,” Dickerson said.

Carolyn Washington adds she’s never seen anything like in it all of her years living on Silver Avenue. “43 years and this is the worst it’s ever been,” she explains, “and the longest it’s taken the city to come out to correct it.”

Washington and her neighbors are frustrated.

“It has water standing in it and has gnats, mosquitoes … Kids got to walk around it. Cars got to ride up on the sidewalk so they won’t ride over the hole, mess up their car and nobody seems to care,” adds Washington.


Neighbors can’t understand why it’s taking so much effort to get action from the city.

An exasperated Washington implores, “All we ask is the city to fix the hole. This month, this week if possible.”

8News reached out to Richmond’s Department of Public Utilities and City Council member Ellen Robertson’s office.

Just a few hours later, city workers showed up on Silver Avenue. A supervisor told neighbors they intend to fill in that hole on Wednesday.


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