Court docs: Special Agent Walter scuffled with suspect before shooting

Mother of suspect's child reacts to tragedy

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Police are releasing new information about the events leading up to the fatal shooting of Special Agent Michael T. Walter.

According to an updated statement from police, when Special Agent Walter and the Richmond Police officer he was with approached the suspect’s vehicle, it was not parked facing the wrong direction as police had previously said.

Police said that during the course of an investigation information can and often does evolve, hence the correction.

When the officers approached the vehicle, they found two men sitting inside the car. The officers walked up to the car in a consensual encounter and initiated a conversation with the driver.

During the course of the conversation, the driver got out of the car before suspected shooter Travis A. Ball stepped out of the vehicle on the passenger side where Special Agent Walter was standing.

Court documents obtained by 8News reveal the driver “observed a scuffle” between Ball and the special agent. He heard a gunshot and the “agent was down.”

On Friday afternoon, the mother of Ball’s 3-year-old daughter invited 8News inside her home to talk about the tragedy. She chose not to go on camera to protect their child.

She said she still thinks there are some missing pieces to the story.

“Something’s not right. This is not like him,” she told 8News reporter Evanne Armour.

She told 8News she hasn’t seen or heard from Ball since the morning of the shooting when he dropped off their daughter.

She said both families are dealing with losses and even attended the vigil for Special Agent Walter.

When asked if she knew the man listed in court documents as the driver of the car, she said no.

While she’s still waiting for Ball to give her a call, she has a message for him.

“I’m praying for you,” she said. “We love him regardless. We’re here for him.”

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