Tony Nicely named interim L.C. Bird football head coach

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — L.C. Bird Varsity football defensive coordinator Tony Nicely will be the new interim head coach, the school’s athletic director David Bedwell told 8News this morning.

Nicely has been coaching L.C. Bird football for 25 years, 17 of those as an assistant for the previous head coach Bedwell.

His defenses have ranked at the top of the state each year of the past decade, and says he believes the familiarity helps with transition.

“When somebody gives you the keys to a Ferrari, you don’t have to do a lot with it,” says Nicely, “We’re just rotating the tires right now.”

Nicely will only serve as interim head coach of varsity football due to the ongoing search process that has gone longer than Bedwell expected. In order to find the right fit, Bedwell asked Nicely to oversee the program for the upcoming season so he could extend the search.

“Dave’s been here for a long time. He’s been here in the community for a long time and in this building,” says Nicely, “so, I just think the least amount of change the better everybody is.”