Hot air balloon crashes just after man proposes

EDMONTON, ALBERTA (WCMH) — Love is often said to make you feel like you’re floating on air, but one couple’s romantic proposal came crashing down.

Christine Peters said her Saturday started out as a dream come true. Her partner, Stephen Martin, took her for a hot air balloon ride, something she wanted to do since she was a child. Then, Martin pulled out a ring box and asked her to marry him.

Peters said yes, but then the dream-come-true proposal came to a crashing halt.

“All of the sudden, we’re still 30 or 40 feet up in the air and just the whole thing shakes and you hear like cracking of branches and we’re in a tree,” Peters told CTV News.

The hot air balloon had crashed into a tree in a farm field. The pilot managed to turn on the burner and free the balloon, but it immediately hit another tree.

Luckily, no one was injured in the crash, and Martin and Peters certainly have a unique proposal story.

“Looking at it now, I’m actually glad we went out because it was kind of like a crazy adventure,” Martin said. “Plus, seeing how I proposed to her too, it makes for an awesome story.”

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