8News Daytrippers: Morgan Dean is rolling down the Va. Capital Trail

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — On today’s Daytrippers, you don’t even have to leave Richmond, by car, anyway.

Good Morning Richmond anchor Morgan Dean rolled down the Virginia Capital Trail.

He met avid cyclist, Margie Gibson, who is a big fan of the paved bike path that stretches 52-miles from Richmond to Jamestown.

“It’s beautiful,” Gibson said.

She regularly rides a small section on the Jamestown end. She says it’s a great trip for regular bikers and beginners.

“It’s an easy ride,” Gibson said. “Very nice, very pleasant.”

Morgan also caught up with Al and Leslie Calambro sharing the ride on a bicycle built for two. They like having their own dedicated space to pedal.

“You don’t have to compete with traffic,” Al said. “You don’t get almost cut off or run over or tick off the drivers. They don’t have to slow down because there’s traffic coming the other way.”

On top of offering a great workout, the Capital Trail also offers some nice sightseeing at a very leisurely pace. The bridge over the Chickahominy River offers great views not far from Jamestown.

The trail runs along scenic Route 5 past farms, creeks, and historic sites.

Morgan found Anthony Jones at the end of a 40-mile ride. He was taking a break in Charles City County. He says families should give the trail a try but had a tip for first timers.

“Pick your distance wisely, don’t go too far,” Jones said.

“Get out here and enjoy it,” adds Al. “But bring enough water and snacks. There aren’t a lot of places to stop.”

If you are looking for a short beginner’s ride from Richmond and a place to stop, Ronnie of Ronnie’s Barbeque in Eastern Henrico has an idea.

“I have a lot of customers who ride out from Shiplock Park. It’s about six miles,” he said. “Come down here and eat and then ride back. It’s a good little outing.”

For more information, you can visit here.

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