NASA launches 56-foot sounding rocket from Wallops Island

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. (WAVY) — NASA successfully launched a sounding rocket Tuesday morning from the Wallops Island Flight Facility.

The 56-foot rocket was carrying technology NASA was hoping to give a real-world test.

According to a new release from NASA, many of technologies in Tuesday’s launch were developed at Wallops.

Among them were a shutter door system to allow the recovery of a telescope payload in water environment, which NASA says will expand science research capabilities.

NASA says another goal of the flight is to update electronic and mechanical systems of the current recovery system.

The 1,200-pound payload launched Tuesday morning is expected to be recovered about 106 miles from Wallops Island.

Cathy Hesh, technology manager for the sounding rocket program office at Wallops, stated in the news release, “Sounding rockets are not only used for conducting science missions but also provide an excellent platform for technology development.”

More information about the launch can be found here.

A Black Brant IX sounding rocket carrying SubTec-7 leaves the launch pad at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility
Credits: NASA/Chris Perry