Marines gather with Gold Star mom for Mother’s Day

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A group of marines came together to make this Mother’s Day weekend special for a woman who lost her son at war.

8News reporter Nakell Williams explains how their kindness might make a difference in her life far beyond today.

Gold Star mom Peggy Green rolled up to Creek’s Crossing for a Mother’s Day celebration to remember.

A room filled with marine’s who served with her son Lance Corporal Troy Gregory in Operation Desert Storm.

“I’m feeling that it is real and they are just wonderful and I’m waiting to talk to them about Troy and his last days with them,” Green said.

Green said life hasn’t been the same since losing her son in 1991.

“My world ended for five years, pretty much,” she explained.

Roland Edmonds was there when Troy passed.

“We were out in the desert and he was actually injured by a land mine that actually ended up taking his leg and also his hand,” Edmonds said. “And from those injuries, he passed.”

Since then, Ms. Green has fallen on hard times.

“She had a house fire,” Edmonds said. “The home needs great repairs so that she can get back into her home and she wants to get back into that home because she feels that home is a part of Troy.”

Today, Peggy Green learned that Troy’s marine brothers are working to help her return home.

“She is not forgotten,” Edmonds said. “She has got new sons, and she may have lost a son but she has actually gained a whole battery of marines. Not too many mothers can say that.”

Green expressed her gratitude to her new family.

“I appreciate all of this to the highest because it is going to clear some other stuff out of my heart and put new stuff in there,” Green said.

The Marine men said Lance Corporal Troy Gregory was the only Richmonder to be killed in Operation Desert Storm.

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