Florida mother angry after daughter’s seizure shared on Snapchat

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA)—A Florida woman says her daughter’s classmates bullied her on social media while she was having a seizure, and the mother is angry at the school district for not taking action.

Photo of Jabryel Wright

Pamela Wright’s daughter Jabryel is a normal, carefree 12-year-old girl. But last month, she had quite the scare—she suffered a seizure in a hallway at Buffalo Creek Middle School.

“My baby collapsed. And then when she collapsed, her eyes began to walk back and she started to tense up, started to shake and the drooling,” her mother described.

Wright says at that moment a student took videos and pictures of her daughter and posted them on Snapchat, making fun of her.

A screengrab from one message reads, “Jabby should have died lol.”

“Heartless, that was heartless,” said Wright.

“[I’m] hurt my baby ‘cuz that’s something no parent should ever have to go through. Especially a 12-year-old,” she said.

Wright says since then, Jabryel has been bullied and has gone into counseling. Wright has spoken with school officials, but she says no disciplinary action has been taken.

“Someone needs to be held accountable. Because, what if my daughter would have died?” Wright asked.

8News affiliate WFLA obtained the school’s student handbook, which states bullies can face a variety of punishments from parental conferences to suspension.

Buffalo Creek Middle School principal Dustin Dahlquist released the following statement:

The safety and security of the students and staff at Buffalo Creek Middle School is our first priority. The staff responded in an overwhelmingly positive and caring manner to a medical emergency on the campus at dismissal when almost 1000 students are in the hallways. Emergency Medical Services was contacted immediately and the area was cleared of students immediately during the dismissal process. The incident was investigated and handled by the administration and the School Resource Officer. Buffalo Creek Middle School has requested a copy of the video for evidence from all parties involved, but a video has not been provided to the school. Due to student privacy laws, Buffalo Creek Middle School cannot comment on the disciplinary measures taken against individual students. We follow the Code of Student Conduct and take appropriate measures to ensure a safe and orderly environment.

Jabryel’s mother doesn’t think that’s enough, she wants the school system to act.

Wright left us with a warning for parents:

“Pay attention to your kids, when your kids say that they have friends, really monitor those kids closely,” said Wright.

The mother is also considering taking legal action. “I don’t think I’m doing anything different that no other mom would do,” she continued.

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