#Adulting: Fitting in your fitness

Turn Cardio Jam Studio in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – This week, 8News reporter Roxie Bustamante is taking on the challenges of #Adulting.

In the heart of Scott’s Addition, sits Turn Cardio Jam Studio bringing unique workout classes to the Richmond area.

“Richmond is on this verge of a fitness explosion,” owner Sandi Cauley said. “There’s so many unique programs coming in that we’ve never had before. We just used to have the same ole, same ole and it’s so great to see all these pop ups and new places. I think you should just try it.”

Cauley said when she was adulting, moving from one place to another, she was always looking for different ways to stay active while engaging with her community.

“The idea of going to the gym to me meant lifting weights or just going in on a bunch of machines and treadmills and not necessarily that back room part where the cardio classes happen,” Cauley said. “So, what do you just call that backroom? We knew it was cardio and we knew it was exercise based and then it got clunker and clunker, so we just narrowed it down to Cardio Jam Studio.”

Turn Cardio Jam Studio in Richmond

Heather Mazeika is one of the only certified instructors in the Richmond area that teaches a unique exercise called Volee.

“Volee is new to the Richmond area,” Mazeika said. “It is a combination of traditional TRX suspension style training with Pilates, ballet movements, bar movements. It’s pretty cool. It’s got some cardio aspect to it. It’s got a lot of good strength training, works the deep muscles, and works the big muscles.”

Mazeika teaches the class at Turn Cardio Jam Studio and Fighting Gravity Fitness. She said often she sees people struggling to squeeze in the time to stay active.

“We tend to be overscheduled,” Mazeika said, “and every minute of our day whether it’s at home or at work, you have to know what you’re doing and I think fitness and activity tend to take a backseat for a lot of people. They don’t understand the long-term importance of it.”

Cauley said at the end of the day, it’s about finding something that works best for you.

“I just don’t think that there’s one flavor for everyone. I think sometimes when it comes to working out, there are certain things that we know work. Running works, lifting weights, eating well works, but sometimes it can just get stale and boring, so I’m really trying to bring in classes that are unique and that you can’t find around Richmond,” Cauley said. “Maybe you would have to go to New York or [Washington] D.C. to get into, but I’m bringing them here so that you don’t have to travel far and that hopefully, you’ll stay excited about working out.”

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