Friday’s storms leave Chesterfield County residents with flooding, downed trees

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Some homeowners in Chesterfield are experiencing flooding Friday after heavy early morning rains.

Homeowners off of Redbridge Road near Arch Road in Midlothian say they have been getting flooding in their backyards during big storms for years.

They say they have reached out to the county in the past and that Chesterfield has tried to fix the issue, but the flooding continues to be a problem.

So much so that the water has gotten into some homes and ruined furniture and air conditioning units.

There is a creek located behind these properties.

8News’ Mark Tenia spoke with one homeowner in the area who said that the creek is the problem.

“The primary problem is the Pocoshock Creek is all clogged up,” Dennis Pavick said. “It’s been clogged up for a number of years.”

Flooding off of Redbridge Road near Arch Road in Midlothian.

8News did reach out to Chesterfield County to see if there is anything they can do. Officials say that all the homes we asked about are located in the floodplain. They say there is a significant issue with the wetlands behind the property.

The county says it has cleared drainage, sediment, and obstructions along the Powhite Parkway but did not say whether they have any other plans for the area in the future.

Meanwhile, residents in Matoaca dealt with downed trees on their property.

They say that dozens of trees came down, but thankfully the storm did not leave behind a lot of damage.

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