What does the peacock say? Ask the residents of Colonial Heights

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) — Residents in Colonial Heights are flooding social media with reports of seeing peacocks. They even have the photos to back it up.

The sounds of Peacocks are being heard all over Colonial Heights, with sightings reported from White Bank Landing to the Boulevard.

“I feel my mom slam on brakes, and there is a peacock right in front of our car,” exclaimed Carleigh Harrison.

Everyone collectively wondering, where did all of the peacocks suddenly come from?

“I have never, I am a Colonial Heights lifer and I have never seen a peacock in the City of Colonial Heights,” Carleigh’s mother, Courtney Harrison, said.

The birds are seen sitting on front porches, sitting on rooftops, some even spotted crossing the busy Boulevard.

“I came outside to go to a baseball game and there was a peacock sitting on the neighbors front porch,” Heidi Mirro said.

Where did they come from? Well, the 8News Investigative team got to the bottom of the mystery of the colorful fowl. We found it all started more than 20 years ago.

“I purchased a male and a female and the rest of it is history,” said James Traylor, the man who first brought the Peacocks to Colonial Heights.

Traylor and his wife — and the peacocks — live on a 10-acre property tucked in Dunlop Farms. Traylor has close to 10 peacocks.

“I think we got one or two missing,” Traylor said.

Usually, the peacocks don’t go far. They may venture next door to 95-year-old Doolie Cutler’s back yard.

“They come to the window there and I knock on the window, they stop and they look at me, and I talk to them… people probably think I’m nuts,” said Cutler.

But just recently, several Peacocks flew the coop.

“I think we probably had a group of fox come through here, they come down off the river, the creek, and they will go after the peacock,” Cutler said.

Luckily, the peacocks can fly and escape the jaws of the hungry fox, and fly it appears they have, all over the city.

“Once they get a long ways from the property they are not able to get their direction back,” Traylor said.

Traylor says some have been returned to him but a few are still missing. And while they may eventually make their way back home, for now, residents are welcoming the now not-so-rare peacock sighting.

There have been a few reports of the peacocks scratching cars in the city. If you do see one you should call animal control, they will notify the owner to come and try to catch them. If you see them you are asked not to feed them because where they find food they will always come back to. Also, Colonial Heights is considered a bird sanctuary, so it is illegal to harm them in any way.

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