Get Fit RVA: Whitney works out with the Ashland Police Department

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Our Get Fit RVA series continues with the Ashland Police Department.

A member of the department reached out to Whitney Harris after seeing her last workout series. The department’s officers wanted to put her to the test, too. They don’t use a  gym or any fancy equipment; they did their workout right outside.

Officer James Spada with the Ashland Police Department gave Whitney a quick demonstration of the timed exercise before they began. It should take about 8 minutes.

They sprint 50 meters to each different exercise with no break in-between. They started with 10 pushups, then ran to the next exercise: 10 dumbbell snatches on each arm.

They then sprinted to do kettle bell swings, more pushups, overhead wall ball squats, followed by 10 jump squats, and 10 more pushups.

Just when Whitney thought they were done, they had to do the whole thing one more time.

“It looked like you did it with pretty good ease,” Officer Spada said. “That was impressive.”

“How do you feel about it?” he asked Whitney. “I feel really tired,” she said.

But she finished the whole thing quicker than expected – in just 6 minutes 22 seconds.

“That’s what you do between commercial breaks,” said Chip Watts, the Ashland Police Department’s PIO.

Marie Kemp, a logistics crime prevention sergeant with the Ashland Police Department worked out with Whitney as well.

“I think you did great for your first time doing a workout like this and being in a group setting with a bunch of police officers,” she said. “I think you did excellent.”

She explained that there are some similarities with news anchors and police officers when it comes to staying fit.

“Police officers and news anchors, we’re two totally different types of professions, but I would think that you would also need to workout to maintain the look that you want on TV and to maintain a good positive attitude for everyone that you’re talking to in the public, just like we do,” she said. “We want people to recognize that we’re fit and we’re training and we’re doing the best for them.”

The officers also put Whitney through a police training obstacle course where she had to crawl, jump over a wall, drag a dummy, and even pretend to shoot a gun after getting fatigued.

You can watch her go through the obstacle in the exclusive web video featured below.

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