#MadeInRVA: Shine Craft Vessel Company is working to keep your beer cold

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — In Good Morning Richmond’s Made in RVA series, 8News Anchor Morgan Dean finds a product that’s helping beer fans chill out.

He takes you behind the scenes of Shine Craft Vessel Company to show a growler made to withstand just about anything you can throw at them.

“With the growth of the craft beer scene and the growth of growlers use, those 64-ounce containers to get fresh beer directly from the brewery was growing as well,” says Jordan Childs, Found and Co-Owner of Shine Craft Vessel Company. “I couldn’t find something functional and with a high aesthetic value.”

And that’s how Shine Craft Vessel Company was born with Jordan Childs, a former lego graphic designer, and his wife pouring their hearts and their life savings into building a better growler.

“In march of 2014, we took our savings and basically manufactured 100 growlers,” Childs said. “I drove them around the state to different fabricators and manufacturers to get those 100 completed.”

The double walled steel, vacuum sealed growlers are made to last forever and to work with beer, wine, water or spirits.

These latest growlers keep cold items cold for 24 hours and hot items hot for ten hours. The line has a woodsy feel to it and the containers come in several hiker friendly sizes.

“When we started, we really did look toward the outdoor audience.” Childs continues. “We said, look, we want something folks can take deep into the woods and still have great craft beer experience.”

The first batch of 100 growlers sold out in two weeks. Jordan is now having them made by the thousands.

Sixty percent of the work including design and painting, finishing, and the graphic logoing are done in RVA.

“We’ve done so much of it using Richmond-based fabricators, suppliers, and warehousing folks,” Childs said. “We still have everything being finished here in the city.”

The name Shine references the moonshine history of the growlers. They’re shaped much like the old jugs that moonshiners used to use.

The 64-ounce growler will cost you right around $60 on the Shine website. You can also find them on sale at local craft breweries that have partnered with Shine.

The company is now looking to expand into the cup and tumbler market with a design similar to the growlers.

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