Governor blasts Trump before trade mission to Mexico

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Governor Terry McAuliffe blasted the president before leaving on a trade mission to Mexico on Friday. It will be the 25th trade mission the governor has taken since taking office.

“The president is unfortunately doing nothing but making it difficult for me to create jobs,” McAuliffe said.

McAuliffe said the President has made it harder to make deals around the world.

“I couldn’t disagree with the president more. He’s alienated the folks in Mexico,” McAuliffe said. “That’s why we’re going down. We’re going to do business there with Virginia.”

McAuliffe points to the president’s repeated calls for a wall between the two countries.

“You need that wall to stop the human trafficking, to stop the drugs, to stop the wrong people. You need the wall,” President Donald Trump said earlier this year.

“I talked to the President of Mexico yesterday and I said I know our president doesn’t like you, he wants walls,” McAuliffe said. “We in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I am for tearing walls down and we want to do business with Mexico.”

And McAuliffe says it’s not just Mexico. He pointed to actions taken by Trump earlier this week as the president slapped stiff tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber.

“Canada’s been very rough on the United States. Everyone thinks of Canada as being wonderful and so do I, I love Canada, but they’ve outsmarted our politicians for many years,” Trump said earlier this week.

“I had the chamber of commerce of Canada in to meet me two days ago,” McAuliffe said. “They’re horrified at the President’s comments.”

Mcauliffe said he’s now in damage control.

“95 percent of the world’s customers live outside of America,” he said. “Quit alienating our trading partners. This is how we create jobs here in Virginia.”

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