Charlottesville City Council votes to sell Robert E. Lee statue in Lee Park

Photo: Newsplex

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (NEWSPLEX) — The Charlottesville City Council has voted to sell the Robert E. Lee statue in Lee Park, Newsplex reports. 

Councilors voted three to two to list the monument as a ‘request for bid.’

The sale will also be advertised to places of historical importance. Councilors agreed this option was the best with the statue to avoid using a lot of taxpayer money.

Councilor Kristin Szakos’ motion includes the sale of the statue will not be sold to someone who will promote any kind of hurtful ideology.

The buyer will also be responsible for paying for any damage caused to Lee Park or the statue during the move.

The motion also stated that the statue could be donated if the council does not find the appropriate buyer.

Szakos said she does not look to make any kind of profit off of the statue.

“I believe this is one time when justice triumphs historic preservation,” said Szakos. Just like would agree to tear down a historic home that is a danger to a neighborhood, I believe we should know allow for the removal of a statue whose message is offensive and negative to a principle our community holds dear.”

Council also voted unanimously to have a contest to re-name Lee Park. The contest will begin now and will run through mid-May.

The Charlottesville Parks and Recreation will pick the top five names.

According to Charlottesville City Council, they will then work with the Historic Resource Committee to determine the top three names to be presented to council at their first meeting in June.

This move comes at the center of the lawsuit against the city for voting to move the statue.

Councilor Kathy Galvin says it will be the people who end up paying for all of this if they move forward with this during the lawsuit.

The matters regarding Jackson Park will be decided at a later meeting.

Mayor Mike Signer and Councilor Kathy Galvin dissented from the vote on the sale of the statue.

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