Chesterfield student unearths 2,000-year-old jar while studying in Israel

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — For Matoaca High School Graduate Joy Price, her trip to Israel with other Liberty University Online students was a trip of a lifetime. She even invited her mom to tag along.

“It’s really hard to work and complete an internship, and this way I was able to go and explore the world as well as fulfill my internship credits,” Price said.

But that trip of a lifetime turned into much more with the find of a lifetime.

“We had signed up for a program called ‘Archaeological Seminars Dig for a Day,'” Price said.

Price isn’t studying to be a historian, or even an archaeologist, rather studying military psychology. But, her find shocked even the experts.

“For the most part, they said they find pottery shards, small animal bones, and then on the rare occasion they will find coins and stuff like that. They said it was super rare to find a fully intact jar,” said Price.

But a fully intact jar is exactly what Price found. While digging, her tool hit something that made a hollow sound. Stunned, she tapped on the item again.

“I heard it again and I was like, ‘holy cow ya’ll, do yall hear this?’ And they were like ‘yeah, yeah’ so then at that point everybody was kinda watching me and coming over to see what was going on,” Price recalled.

Knowing she had found a real treasure, Price made extra sure to dig with care.

“It was a lot of like pulling dirt with my hands and then maneuvering my hands around the jar and underneath of it in order to lift it up out of the ground,” said Price.

Her find was more than 2,000 years old. Even rarer, is that the jar is fully intact.

“No, I didn’t get to keep it, they said that everything that we found was property of the state of Israel, which is understandable because it’s their history,” Price said. “She said that it would likely be in a museum very quickly because of the quality of it,” said Price.

And when you ask Price how it feels to find something so rare her answer she just says, It’s pretty amazing. Price also found several other broken pieces of jars and pots which are thousands of years old. She was allowed to keep those.

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