Activists plead for change after shooting near Mosby Court

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Police are looking to find out who’s responsible for a shooting that happened Sunday afternoon near Mosby Court.

Police said they got the call in around 1:30 p.m. with reports of a shooting.

When they arrived on scene they found three men shot, their injuries are non-life threatening.

Police investigated two separate crime scenes in relation to the shooting: One in the 1600 block of Littlepage Street and another just blocks away at the intersection of Rogers Street and Brauers Street.

Now community activists are saying the need for change is even more urgent.

“This is not going to stop us from bringing hope,” said Pastor Timothy Kirven.

Pastor Timothy Kirven

Pastor Timothy Kirven with Worship and Praise Church said Sunday’s shooting is not going to change his mission to minister to the residents of Mosby Court.

“I’m focused on the 98% out here in Mosby who told me personally that they love their community and they want to see their children able to play in this community in a safe environment,” Kirven said.

It was just this past Wednesday when he and other volunteers were in Mosby Court handing out candy and treats to the neighborhood. He said it was then, talking to neighbors, that he began to understand their needs.

“They just don’t want to wait until another murder or another crime happens,” Kirven said. “They want help now.”

He and other activists like Charles Willis with United Communities Against Crime said it’s time to come together.

“Now the urgency even becomes a greater,” said Charles Willis. “Now it’s number one on my list, top priority.”

Willis said with each crime the stakes are raised.

“It’s devastating to see the community and see the families out here,” said Willis. “That’s my greater concern, that families are being torn apart.”

He said now the focus needs to be not only solving crime but looking at ways to prevent it.

“Somebody knew that that trigger person was going to do that,” Willis said. “We just need that person to speak before it takes place.”

They both understand that this goal won’t be a quick fix.

“This is not going to end overnight,” Kirven said. “We have to keep going and going until we see change.”

Richmond Police are asking anyone with information to contact crime stoppers.

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