Many march in protest of acquittal of man charged in Powhatan stabbing

POWHATAN, Va. (WRIC) — Family of Norris Goode Jr., as well as friends, pastors, church congregations, the and many others from across Virginia, marched in protest of the acquittal of Jesse Ray Moore on Friday morning.

Moore, 24, was acquitted of his aggravated malicious wounding charge after being accused of stabbing 21-year-old Norris Goode Jr. in the head back in April of 2016.

21-year-old Jacob Moore was also charged with aggravated malicious wounding, but his trial was continued.

Norris Goode Jr.’s father, Norris Goode Sr., said his son was fishing with a friend at a neighbor’s pond just across the road from the family’s home in Powhatan.

Norris Goode Jr.

As they were about to leave, two men allegedly confronted them about fishing on the property. Then, according to investigators with the Powhatan County Sheriff’s Office, the pair attacked Goode and stabbed him in the arm and then the head.

According to Goode’s mother, Rebecca Parker, the five-inch knife blade broke off in her son’s brain. Doctors had to operate to remove it.

“Another quarter of an inch further into his brain and he would have died,” she said. “It is a miracle that he is still here.”

Jesse Ray Moore

According to Goode’s parents, Jesse Ray Moore and Jacob Moore had just recently rented a home on the same property as the pond and may not have realized their son had permission to fish there.

Protestors peacefully marched about a half mile from Hollywood Baptist Church on Old Buckingham Road to the Powhatan County Courthouse.

“I hope today this sends out a message that we will not stand for injustice and we will take steps to bring that to light,” said stabbing victim Norris Goode, Jr.

A media event supported by the NAACP also took place on the courthouse grounds.

:”We hope to generate some support federally to find out if there is a way to investigate what happened,” sais Pastor Morris Gant of Guildfield Baptist Church.


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