Police issue warning about Siri prank spreading on social media

LONOKE, AR (KOZL) — If you tell Siri to call three numbers, you could hold up emergency lines and they’re not 911. It’s a new prank spreading across social media, and police are warning iPhone users not to participate.

Here’s how it works. If iPhone users tell Siri the phrase “108,” they’ll be automatically connected to the 911 dispatch center.

“Calling emergency services in five seconds,” is what you’ll hear from Siri if you call 108.

The Lonoke Police Department in Arkansas want iPhone users to know the harm they could be causing.

“It can tie up lines based on your smaller agencies such as ours,” said Sergeant Adrian Page.

Page said he’s seen more and more posts on social media suggesting iPhone users try it as a prank.

“It can come from far off as New York,” Page said. “Once it gets started on Facebook it spreads like wildfire.”

108 is the emergency services number in India, but Sergeant Page said it can be used here as a panic code in the United States.

“If you were in a situation where you thought you were going to be attacked,” said Page.

In small towns like Lonoke, the prank could hold up emergency calls from coming through.

“They generally only have one dispatcher that’s dispatching officers, they’re answering non-emergency calls, and 911 calls as well,” said Page.