Students and staff at a Buffalo School come together to help teen in need of a kidney

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Students, staff, and teachers at Enterprise Charter School in Buffalo, New York are coming together to help a member of their family. A teen is in dire need of a kidney.

“This kid is just a hero. He is brave. He is kind. He is a light,” Gina Gastro, a school counselor at Enterprise said. “He is the best kid.”

The student she’s referring to is Leontae Parker. The 15-year-old suffers from a rare kidney disease. He had a kidney transplant in 2009, but his body rejected it within 24 hours. Leontae ended up losing both of his kidneys.

Now he needs a living donor.

“The reason for us needing a living donor is because Leontae’s transplant needs to be scheduled. Scheduling means they have time to go aggressively with a treatment…that’s going to quiet down Leontae’s immune system,” Rebecca Brooks, Leontae’s mother, said.

Brooks said they need a donor to come forward because he can’t stay on dialysis forever.

“If he doesn’t get one, I don’t know what will happen honestly,” Brooks said.

That’s why Enterprise Charter School in Buffalo held a fundraiser this week. They raised money by allowing students to throw a pie in a teacher’s face. Proceeds from that will help the school hold next week’s event.

“Something is happening with one of our family (members) and we need to help them out as much as we can,” Dan Beattie, a 5th-grade teacher and one of the event organizers said.

The event is meant to spread awareness about being a donor. Ultimately, their goal is to find a match for Leontae.

“He’s an amazing kid. It’s not just an act of kindness, it’s his life,” Gastro replied. “He’s just a kid and we just want him to grow up to be an amazing adult and live up to his potential.”

Even though Leontae has no kidneys, he is still determined to make a difference in this world. He says he’s so grateful for everyone’s willingness to help him.

“I just wanted to say thank you,” Leontae said. “I love them for helping me and praying for me. I just really love them…for their support.”

If you want to help Leontae, you can call ECMC. The Medical Center is performing his transplant surgery. The number is 716-898-2446.

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