Sessions speaks to Richmond law enforcement, continues to push new tough-on-crime Justice agenda

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke to law enforcement in Richmond and continued to push a tough crime agenda on Wednesday.

Sessions said if you lock up the bad guys you will have less crime and that it’s as simple as that.

Sessions praised the program ‘Project Exile’ that started in Richmond and said he plans to implement it nationally

Richmond consistently had one of the top 10 per capita murder rates of American cities.

The program was implemented in Richmond back in 1997, targeting criminals who were illegally carrying guns.

Under the program the criminals lost their right to remain in the community and were charged with a federal crime and sent to a federal prison.

Sessions said he blames drugs for crime in cities across the country, especially heroin.

“Addiction is destruction,” Sessions said. “We need to stop addiction, that’s one of our goals.”

Sessions said the Justice Department will also be more aggressive in arresting drug dealers importing heroin from the Mexican cartel.

“Lets take that arrest,” Sessions said. “Let’s hammer that criminal whose distributing drugs that have been imported into our country.”

The Attorney General not only addressed heroin, he took another opportunity to talk about marijuana and how they may go after states that have legalized it.

Sessions said it’s still breaking federal law regardless of what a state has passed.

“I don’t think America is going to be a better place if we have drugs,” Sessions said. “Marijuana sold at every grocery store.”

After his speech to law enforcement, 8News got a chance to ask the Attorney General a few questions that touched on a few different topics.

In reaction to Virginia’s Republican Congressman Tom Garrett introducing a bill to decriminalize marijuana, Sessions said that he would enforce whatever law Congress passes.

Sessions recently recused himself from a Justice Department investigation into Russian hacking against the U.S.

In regards to what his department plans to do about any foreign government that seeks to influence the U.S., Sessions said that we penetrate major nations’ systems as they do ours.

“But there are limits on it and you can violate laws in a lot of different ways,” Sessions said. “So we’ll do our duty to enforce those laws.”

Sessions made these comments as the Justice Department announced the indictment of four people on Wednesday.

The indictment includes two Russian intelligence agents, all accused of stealing the personal information of millions of yahoo users.

Sessions said that it’s hard to prove international cases and that they’re intelligence agencies, but it is doable.

Sessions also said that he did not advise the president in any way that former President Barrack Obama wiretapped him during the campaign.

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