Girl Scout cookie booth robbed at Walmart

Photo: KRON

SOUTH CAROLINA (WSPA) – Someone made off with the money box from a Girl Scout cookie booth, according to the Girl Scouts of South Carolina.

Now they’re asking for help solving the cookie caper.

The incident happened around 2:15 p.m. Sunday.

A woman and her daughter were working the cookie booth outside the Walmart in Powdersville when it happened.

According to a copy of the statement given to the sheriff’s office, a woman got out of a black Jeep and went to a vending machine behind the Girl Scout and her mom before asking them to exchange a newer $1 bill. The woman looked over boxes of cookies and asked someone waiting nearby in the Jeep what kind of cookies they wanted. The victims say the thief went to pay $4 and grabbed the box from the table.

The mom tried to grab the box back and fought with the thief who kicked her before getting away with the money box.

It was not immediately known how much money was in the box.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident.