King Kong roars into theaters

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Calendar says March, but with a superhero film at the top of the box office and a larger than life action movie hitting the big screen, it feels more like the Summer movie season.

Kong is once again king at the theaters. “Kong: Skull Island,” set in 1973, finds explorers stirring things up on on the giant ape’s South Pacific island. John Goodman is in charge of the team, Tom Hiddleston is the professional tracker. A professional photographer played by Brie Larsen and a shell-shocked military officer played Samuel L Jackson are also along for the wild ride that involves Kong battling gigantic lizard-like creatures to stay atop the food chain. The action film is rated PG-13.

On DVD and streaming this week you can check out one of the most unusual Superhero films ever released.

I’m talking about “Dr. Strange.” Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the promising but arrogant surgeon who turns to sorcery after a car crash robs him of the use of his hands. He learns of alternate universes and works to harness his powers so he can use them against dark forces who are at work. This mystical premise doesn’t lend itself to an easy translation from the comic page to the big screen, but the film does it great justice balancing both the action and the elegance of Doctor Strange’s world. Cumberbatch was a perfect choice to play the time bending super hero. The film is worth a look this weekend.

Who’s gonna win the box office this weekend? It could be “Logan” or it could be “King Kong,” they are both expected to make around $45 million this weekend. We will check those box office numbers for you Monday morning on “Good Morning Richmond.”

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