DIY Before You Buy: Did we save money making things at home?

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — All week long, Roxie Bustamante and Morgan Dean tested out recipes to see if they could make popular products at home for cheaper than they could buy them at the store.

They first whipped up homemade shaving cream on the stove using coconut oil and shea butter.


The cost for the home version was $21.76 compared to $2.50 for a regular can at the store.

Using paper towels, they made baby wipes at a cost of $7.97. The store brand will cost you $1.97 at checkout.


Homemade hand sanitizer, made with aloe vera, cost $18.83 in raw materials, where you could buy a container for $4.59 at the store.

Disinfecting wipes cost us $7.87 to make, compared to $7.99 for a four-pack at the store.

The homemade dog shampoo ran $7.61, compared to a bottle for $6.99 at the pet store.

Not all of the recipes worked for Morgan and Roxie. They tried to make homemade car de-icer with alcohol, dish soap and water.


They followed the recipe, but it burned their eyes and didn’t melt the bowl of ice.

With the 70’s and 80’s we saw in February, most folks weren’t in the market for de-icer this Winter anyways.

Obviously, if you make a lot of these items, your up front costs would be lower.

Do you have a great recipe that has worked well for you? Email us the info at

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