Unusually warm winter could lead to maple syrup shortage

AP Photo

YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NY (CNN) — New York farmers say syrup production is down about 75 percent so far this year, and the unusually warm weather is to blame.

We are right in the middle of the six-week syrup season in the winter.

Syrup farmer Bri Hart explains how the weather is hurting his farm, “It’s been in the 60s the last week, so we’ve got a much-reduced flow of sap from what we normally get this time of year. It’s devastating to us.”

Hart says it takes 60 gallons of raw tree sap to make a gallon of pure syrup. He says people, unfortunately, will likely be paying more for that real maple flavor.

So far, Hart has made only about 200 gallons, when he would normally be closer to 800 or more in a normal and cooler winter.

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