Pennsylvania community rallies after swastika painted on rock

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — More than 200 people rallied in Pennsylvania Thursday after someone painted a swastika outside Shippensburg High School last week. Now, the community is calling for peace.

People chanted, “Hate is not great,” as they marched at the Spring Yard along West King Street.

“You have a right to speech, but you don’t have a right to hate on other people and make them feel bad for who they are,” said Hannah Cornell, a freshman at Shippensburg High School.


Organizers wanted to bring the community together for ‘Shippensburg United Against Hate.’

This comes after someone painted a swastika in orange on Shippensburg’s pride rock last Friday. The symbol of hate was quickly covered up in white.

“My head was spinning. I was angry after I was done being shocked, and then I was terribly sad. Then I decided to be proactive rather than sort of keep all those emotions inside, and come out and do something about it,” said Neysa Thomas, co-founder of the event.

“You really don’t associate the meaning behind it. It was a terrible event that happened,” Cornell said. “It was associated with something horrible that happened, and it shouldn’t be in our school buildings. It shouldn’t painted. It shouldn’t be something we’re laughing at or agreeing to as a people.”

People of all ages and religions held up signs and listened to speakers.

“No one’s going to stand for it. Nobody’s going to sit back and be idle whenever there are hate symbols being placed in our very own community,” said Dr. Nathan Thomas, co-founder of the event.

Organizers hope to have more rallies in the future. To visit their Facebook page, click here.