8News gets results after Comcast worker levels woman’s mailbox

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — It was a hit and run. The casualty was a mailbox in Chesterfield County.

A neighbor saw Joyce Garrett’s mailbox get knocked down by a Comcast cable guy, yet Comcast failed to come back and make repairs.

Garrett said she was at work and the incident left her disappointed.


“Wednesday, I got a text from my neighbor that said she was sorry to inform me that Comcast just ran my mailbox over and left the driveway,” Garrett said.

Neighbor Heather Winters said the vehicle that hit the mailbox was white and had Xfinity written on the side.

“We heard a real loud noise screeching noise and looked over and this big Comcast Xfinity truck backed right on up to the mailbox,” Winters recalled.


Neighbor John Frith said he saw the cable guy as well.

“He was working on the box for over an hour and the mailbox was up,” Frith said. “I went to get a loaf of bread, came home and he was gone and the mailbox was down.”

The homeowners took to publicly shaming them, putting up a sign by the downed mailbox that reads; “Comcast did this and will not take responsibility.”

Garrett said she called Comcast, but ended up getting the runaround.


“I was told they need more information, I needed to get the tag number,” Garrett said. “The last word from Comcast was it could take possibly up to two weeks for any resolution. I just want a mailbox.”

After a week of getting nowhere, the frustrated homeowner took to publicly shaming them by putting up a sign by the destroyed mailbox saying: “Comcast did this and will not take responsibility.”

“I think I would be still arguing with Comcast today if you hadn’t all got involved.”

8News reached out to Comcast and less than 24 hours later Comcast hired Dr. D’s Quality LLC to do the repairs.

“I was trying to do it tomorrow but they said it was an emergency,” Dwight Passley, owner of Dr. D’s Quality LLC said.


Garrett now has a new post and mailbox.

“I think it’s awesome. I think I would be still arguing with Comcast today if you hadn’t all got involved,” Garrett said.

Garrett says Comcast did apologize.

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