Couple married more than 60 years reunites every day in nursing home

WESTWOOD, MA (WMCH) — Though they now have to live apart, they still celebrate decades of years of marriage every day.

Priscilla and Bill Wilcox have been married for 69 years, but because of Priscilla’s failing memory, they are forced to live apart while she’s in a special health facility.

“She’s an outgoing person who likes people and she kept me out of trouble or tried to we just kept it going,” Bill tells WCVB.

So, every day in the past year, Bill has made the five minute trip from his home to have lunch with his sweetie.

“Oh yeah, I wouldn’t abandon my little baby here. I have to see my wife. We’re still in love,” says Bill.

And while her memory is starting to abandon her, Priscilla still remembers the love of her life. “He’s a wonderful man, he is very good. He’s kind, gentle.”