Puppies, kittens and zombies: Super Bowl counter programming


(AP) — The big game is underway.

Not the Super Bowl. Puppy Bowl 13.

Football is not for everyone so numerous networks have developed counter-programming to run during the big game.

The Puppy Bowl, on Animal Planet, started about 20 minutes before the Super Bowl in Houston, complete with the National Anthem, a coin toss officiated by Groundhog Day-fame’s Punxsutawney Phil and player, er, puppy introductions.

With names like Slippers, Ruff and Puddles, the puppies frolicked around in a mini stadium and announcers breathlessley described the action.

Over on Hallmark, the Kitten Bowl IV pre-game show was on with the playoffs set to begin around the same time as the Super Bowl. The championship game was set for 8 p.m.

ESPN broadcast its first Esports event with a one-hour replay of EA’s Paris regional final of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series.

AMC went with a Walking Dead marathon and Bravo had a Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon.

For more irreverent tastes, The Sundance Channel showed The Naked Gun.