M-Om: Mindful Mothering in the RVA — Meal planning


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Being the family quarterback is a hard job. Between coordinating play dates, doctor appointments, and your children’s school events, keeping a schedule can be difficult. Personally, I feel like I have little time during the day to manage my household. Necessary tasks like cleaning and cooking sometimes go by the wayside and chaos ensues.

When I don’t take the time to plan meals and thoughtfully write a grocery list I find myself making multiple trips to the store, putting more processed foods in my kids’ lunches, and ordering dinner in more. That disorganization benefits no one and can lead to bad health and more money spent. Therefore I am trying, dare I say resolving, to be a better meal planner.

Some of the benefits of proper meal planning are healthier eating, saving money and modeling good habits for my children. That said, meal planning isn’t easy. In my family, I have a son who refuses to eat meat, so I am constantly researching recipes with alternative proteins that he will eat. I won’t make separate meals for my kids so there are days when I serve him meat and just ask that he do his best. Dinner is also my kids’ least favorite meal of the day. I work really hard to manage my frustration so dinnertime isn’t miserable for all of us.

Therefore I am trying, dare I say resolving, to be a better meal planner.

A pediatrician told me once that children usually have one meal a day where they get the majority of their nutrients. For my children that is breakfast – their favorite meal of the day. The downside for me is that I have early risers that want to eat as soon as they wake up so I usually grab easy, carb-heavy food. Injecting a variety of nutrients into breakfast is my biggest challenge.

I have an arsenal of websites that I rely on for meal planning. I love cookbooks but I don’t buy them anymore because between blogs and Pinterest I can find my recipes online. A few of my favorite sites: 100 Days of Real Food, Weelicious, Super Healthy Kids, SkinnyTaste, and The Pioneer Woman.

Here’s this week’s dinner menu:


Shepherd’s Pie (I usually try to abide by the rules of Meatless Monday but I have a lot of hamburger from a CSA that I need to use so we are breaking the rule this week).


Roasted Veggie Lasagna




Quiche and salad




Dad’s choice because Mom’s out of town

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