Daughter of singer Amy Grant donates kidney to lifelong friend

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Amy Grant made her mark through inspirational music, and now her child is inspiring Nashville.

One day after donating a kidney to her best friend, Millie Chapman and friend Kathryn Dudley describe the experience to News 2.

The young women are Nashville buds with a lifelong bond. Kathryn met Millie at a young age with kidneys destined to fail.

“I was diagnosed with FSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) at 13,” explained Dudley. “The parts of the kidneys, the tubes, they scar, so I basically just kind have little tiny rocks for kidneys. They don’t work.”

Doctors would explore their options for years until 2014 when only one option remained.

“I was in kidney failure, and then they put me on the transplant list,” said Dudley.

By then, Millie, Grant’s daughter and inspiruation for the Grammy-winning hit “Baby Baby,” was miles away in New York City.

The two were talking over text when Kathryn broke the news.

“I was at a Yankees game, and she just said she was going into active kidney failure,” said Chapman. “OK well take mine, I have two, you need one.”

“She was like, ‘Well, I’ll get tested. I’ll do it,” explained Dudley.

So the two would be tested, and wouldn’t you know– it was a match. Both were ecstatic to learn their blood type was O+.

“We’ve been friends for pretty much forever,” said Dudley. “Turns out we’re not just best friends, but our antibodies are, too.”

Two-plus year later, they sit side by side one day after surgery, and family continues to sing their praises.

Millie’s step sister, Jenny Gill, called the move “an act of true love.”

Mother Amy, who’s hardly left the hospital, posted she was so proud of Millie’s “selfless act of friendship.”

News 2 spotted Gary Chapman helping his daughter Millie walk down the hall. He said on his Facebook page, “I’m so proud of her, words fail me.”

For Millie and Kathryn though, it’s just another chapter. Their bond now as strong, as their scars are fresh.

“She’ll forever be a part of me,” said Dudley.

If all goes as planned, we’re told Millie will hopefully be discharged on Thursday and Kathryn on Friday.

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