Driver survives after log smashes through windshield on highway

ANDERSON CO., S.C. (WSPA) — One man was hurt after a log smashed through the windshield of the car he was driving on a South Carolina highway.

The driver, Justin Douglas, said “It just happened so fast and I really don’t even know, my head ended up this way and I felt a pain up here and I remember looking down and my lap is pouring blood.”

The S.C. Highway Patrol says SC-28 was blocked after the crash at 8:24 a.m. Tuesday on SC-28 Bypass. The crash cleared about an hour later.

Troopers say the logging truck was stopped in traffic when it was struck from behind by Douglas.

“I was actually paying more attention to the tracks. I looked and I could see there was a logger truck there but I didn’t see the one pole, it kind of seemed like it was all one,” said Douglas.

The driver says he must have moved just in time for the log to hit the left side of his face.

Witness Gail Cleveland jumped out of her car to help. She says she prayed he would be okay.

“Oh Lord please let him be okay. Cause the only thing that is going through my head is he going to be okay,” Gail recalled. “It is just a miracle. God was with him in the car that whole time. He had an angel with him.”

Douglas said, “It seemed like something made my head go right. You know, my body thought before my mind.”

Douglas was taken by EMS to AnMed for treatment.

“It flashed, you know my future, having little ones running around everywhere and you know, just the rest of my life just flashed and I got a quick glimpse of what I hope is my future,” he said.

“Don’t take your life, your time on this earth for granted. It could be taken from you at any second… Some of us, you know, we have a few close calls and I am guessing that is meant to give us a wake-up call that we need to be living life to the fullest,” he added.

The logging truck driver was not hurt in the crash, according to troopers.

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