Henrico students turn Andy Jenks’ photo into fundraiser

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Some students in Henrico County decided to have some fun this year when it comes to school closings.

Students at Godwin High School are selling shirts and stickers with schools spokesperson Andy Jenks’ photo on them.

24“A couple of people are like, ‘who is Andy Jenks? I’ve never heard of that before,’” Godwin senior Michael Whitty said. “But I feel like if you live in Henrico County, you should know the name, Andy Jenks.”

Andy Jenks is the spokesperson for Henrico County Schools, and he’s become somewhat of a celebrity since he started playfully announcing school closings on Twitter.

That’s why the Godwin High School Teachers for Tomorrow thought it would be a good fundraiser to put Jenks on a t-shirt.

“If everyone knows Andy Jenks, why don’t we turn this into a project and spread it around,” fellow Godwin senior Sabrina Duarte said. “And we can use his face for profit.”


Teachers for Tomorrow reads to elementary students and gives them the books in hopes of furthering their interest in literature.

“We think literature is a really important thing and just having it in the classroom,” Duarte said. “Just practicing reading for fun, it doesn’t have to be required. I think that’s important.”

23Though still becoming accustomed to his celebrity status, Andy Jenks has been a good sport.

“It’s fun to be to play along for something that ultimately benefits students,” Andy Jenks said.

On January 20th they have an in-school snow day planned at Godwin High School. Everyone is asked to wear white and the day will be snow themed. They also hope that other schools in the county will participate.

“This is for everyone in Henrico county to say, let’s close school for snow!” Whitty said.

If you are interested in ordering a shirt email the Teachers for Tomorrow sponsor, Sharon Womble at sewomble@henrico.k12.va.us.

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