Having low tire pressure can be a safety risk

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) — It’s the time of the year when winter weather has the potential to cause problems on the road. If you have low tire pressure, that could lead to some even bigger problems.

Media General affiliate WWLP went to a Massachusetts car dealership to talk about problems caused by low tire pressure. They took a behind the scenes tour of the service center as they helped drivers fill the air back in their tires.

Service Manager Paul Schlesinger explained the cold air outside causes the air inside your tire to constrict, which makes you lose tire pressure. He said that can pose a risk on nights when it gets very cold out.

“If you’re driving on a low tire, you’re driving on the side wall and it wears the side wall out and you can have a blowout. Or you hit a pothole without enough air in the tire and that’ll blow the tire out as well,” said Schlesinger.

So, make sure to check your tires often this winter, and if your tire light comes on, make sure to fill them up to the amount designated in your owner’s manual.

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