Style in the City: Places and picks for last-minute gifts

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — We’re in the final Christmas stretch, people, meaning if you don’t have your shopping done, it’s time to get down to business. Whether you have one person or ten left to shop for, your final stops need to be strategic. Here are my surefire picks for finding gifts with a few specific suggestions, too.

Find gifts for: Mom, friend, aunt, niece, nephew, neighbor, coworker

20161220_231108Skip the crazy that is the mall and head into this boutique that’s located across from Short Pump Town Center on Lauderdale Drive. For a small shop, you’ll find a surprisingly impressive range of selections at Tweed, spanning jewelry, serving ware, college-themed items, Richmond-themed items, sleepwear, apparel, and the list goes on. See below for a sampling of my gift picks:

  1. Someone actually managed to make a car air freshener cute. This would make an adorable stocking stuffer or addition to a bow on a gift. $6.25.
  2. These Richmond-designed Occasionally Made tumblers are stainless steel but feature cute, eye-catching patterns instead of the typical metal on the outside. $28.75.
  3. An eye-catching way to keep track of all the beers any hop fanatic has tried throughout the state, just pop the caps into the holes to create a unique piece of wall art. $47.50.
  4. These Corkcicle Cantene Vinnebago Edition bottles hold an entire bottle of wine. I tested mine out over the summer and it kept a bottle of white wine cold for 24 hours! If you really want to impress, I suggest giving both the red and white so the wine lover will have a special container for each, but they are available in a variety of colors. $32.95 each.

The Shops at 5807
Find gifts for: Mom, friend, kids, aunt, cousin, coworker, neighbor, hostess gifts, stocking stuffers

20161219_223050Where to go when you absolutely don’t know what to buy? One store with 25-plus mini boutiques combined! When I don’t know what to buy for someone, I almost always find something here. Favorite options include Silver Monkey pewter tableware in a range of styles and price ranges, Frillseekers for affordable jewelry and whimsical knickknacks, Wanderlust Collection for sparkly baubles, and All About the Beverage for fun cups and other drink-related gift items. Picks include:

  1. These sparkly slippers are fun and whimsical for any stocking. $15.99.
  2. Frillseekers within The Shops at 5807 always has a stunning selection of statement necklaces like this one. Choose one for any trendy lady you are worried about shopping for—the great thing is, you can never have too many styles to top off your outfit. Prices range from about $30-$45.
  3. These classic wayfarer-style sunglasses feature a built-in beer opener. Who wouldn’t want a pair? $14.
  4. Clean and elegant, Swarovski crystal earrings in a variety of colors are an easy gift for just about any lady, whether her style is under- or over-stated. $22-$26.
  5. After a friend gave me one of these babkas last year, I bought a host for friends and coworkers this year. They are absolutely delicious. The store is currently out, but the next shipment arrives around lunchtime tomorrow (12/22). Cinnamon and chocolate are available. Chocolate is my pick, but I’m sure both are delicious. $12.
  6. Gift this adorable pan empty or filled with your favorite holiday dish and let the host keep it. $36.

Bizarre Market

Find gifts for: Friends, co-workers, white elephant, family, kids, anyone who’s obsessed with shopping local

20161219_230642Open through Christmas Eve, the Bizarre Market is the best open-with-regular-hours place you can go to find Virginia-crafted gifts, large and small. To find it, go to Chop Suey in Carytown and head upstairs. You’ll find the market tucked in the back left-hand corner. Items there span handmade jewelry, food products, bath and body, stuffed animals, ceramics, wall art, ornaments, and more. My picks include:

  1. From what I gather this Dang! That’s Hot Chimichurrious Limited Edition Hot Sauce mostly makes an annual appearance at the Bizarre Market. The combination of heat and on-trend flavors is perfect for the spice fiend in your life. $9.
  2. Who couldn’t use a little detoxification after the holidays? These organic bath salts are made in Virginia Beach. $9.
  3. I saw this hand-dyed blanket scarf, fell in love, and had to have it. The stunning color would make a fabulous gift as well. $75.
  4. For that fancy friend who’s all into food trends, these pour-over brewers are so cool! $26.

The ABC Store
Find gifts for: Anyone who imbibes

20161219_230045It’s the last minute gift that everyone appreciates… booze! If you are going to do it, get a little creative, though, and go local. Also, don’t forget, you can go online and check the inventory at your local store before you go. My picks:

  1. Made in Richmond by James River Distillery, Oster Vit is a Virginian take on the traditional Scandinavian spirit Aquavit (meaning “water of life”). This triple-distilled bevvy is steeped with Rappahannock oyster shells alongside caraway, fennel, and orange peel for 48 hours before one final distillation. Any liquor enthusiast will jump at the chance to try this unique spirit that can be sipped alone or used in place of gin or vodka in cocktails. $36.49.
  2. Of course Belle Isle Moonshine makes an array of delicious products, but the Ruby Red Grapefruit Moonshine is versatile enough to be an ingredient in a souped up mimosa or other juice-centric beverage for fans of sweet cocktails or combined with ingredients like Aperol or Lillet Blanc for a more sophisticated libation, making it a perfect gift if you’re unsure of the giftee’s flavor preferences. Even better, go here to print a gift tag with a recipe right on the label! $34.
  3. A bartender turned me on to Fredericksburg-finished Bowman Bothers Virginia Straight Bourbon when I asked for an affordable option that was similar to another of my favorites, Angel’s Envy. The bourbon is distilled twice in Kentucky, then distilled for a third time in copper stills in Fredericksburg, resulting in a smooth, sweet blend with notes of vanilla and spice. For the price, it’s a delicious, local gift. $28.99.

I grabbed Woods Mill Distillery Harvest Apple Brandy on a whim and found the Nelson County-made libation to be wonderfully rich and complex with notes of vanilla, toasted oak, and a mild apple finish. It’s drinkable alone or mixed in Fall cocktails and makes a perfect winter gift. $27.99.

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