Welcome to Beardmond: The Gift guide

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — It’s holiday time and I know what you’re thinking: what do I get the bearded fellow in my life? There are countless amounts of pro-beard goodies out there, but what should you actually purchase? Here’s a cheat sheet of some do’s and dont’s when it comes to gift buying.

DON’T BUY THIS: Beard Ornaments.

Other than a pure gag gift, there’s absolutely no use for this gift. Think about it: would you want to have multi-colored spheres of glass hanging from your beard during a Christmas party? I didn’t think so.


Give your dude something useful to put in their beard! Beard oils can be found everywhere nowadays and can be used in a daily hygiene routine to promote overall beard health. Be on the lookout for vials containing coconut oil or jojoba oil for an extra blast of moisture and softness.

Think about it: would you want to have multi-colored spheres of glass hanging from your beard during a Christmas party?

DON’T BUY THIS: Cheesy Graphic Tees.

Nothing looks tackier than a cheesy graphic tee, and it’s even worse when that graphic tee makes his beard the butt of the joke. Bad puns like “I didn’t like my beard at first, but then it grew on me!” and “Don’t hate me because I’m beardiful” are barely funny said out loud and even worse screen-printed on a shirt for the world to see.

BUY THIS INSTEAD: Some Good Ol’ Fashioned Flannel.

Embrace the lumberjack stereotype and put some flannel in your life. Flannel shirts can be found at almost any store that sells men’s clothing and comes in a variety of colors so he’ll stay warm and stay in style.

DON’T BUY THIS: Anything that puts a beard on something else.

No, your beer doesn’t need a beard. Neither does your baby, your refrigerator, nor your dog. Avoid these gifts like the plague.

BUY THIS INSTEAD: Grooming kit.

Instead of giving him a beard to put on something else, focus on the beard he already has. A groomed beard is a happy beard, so pamper him with some high-quality supplies. No one kit is the same so do some research to find out what’s best; a good base kit will include a comb, brush, and maybe even some soaps and salves.

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