Good Samaritan receives ‘thank you’ letter after consoling victim at site of deadly crash

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) — The scene of a car accident that claimed one man’s life over the weekend may be cleared, but the evidence of a fatal impact is still very visible.

“First I heard a motor revving up really high and just a loud crash,” said Michael Hackley, who, just a few houses away, heard screaming.

“She was in distress just saying, ‘Help me, help me, somebody help me,'” he said.

bec2bc3f4c1340b79317513276740332-1Hackley rushed to the scene and dialed 911. He noticed the driver, was unconscious when paramedics arrived to try and revive him. Hackley knew he needed to focus on comforting the female passenger.

“I stayed with her to kind of keep her calm,” he said.

Soon the girl would be rushed away to the hospital. Hackley never knew what happened and didn’t know if she even survived.

That is until he saw this e-mail in his inbox:

“Hi Mike, I found out you were the good Samaritan that helped me during my accident. I’m still at MCV but wanted to write you a quick note. I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for your help and holding my hand when I needed you.”

It was a heartfelt note from the passenger who survived.

“You being there for a total stranger meant a lot, some people chose to be bystanders and not get involved. My boyfriend did not make it but I know you tried checking on him and did what you could to help.”

When you ask Michael Hackley why he ever decided to get involved, his answer is simple.

“That’s just who I am, I have a big heart everybody says.”

The female passenger tells 8News that she is still in VCU Medical Center recovering and is forever grateful that Michael was there.

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