VCU president responds to protests following presidential election

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election has sparked protests in cities all across the country, including Richmond.

For the first time since the election’s end, Virginia Commonwealth University President Michael Rao has released a statement on the protests taking place on the school’s property.

Rao’s statements came after hundreds of students participated in a protest through campus Saturday afternoon.

8News reporter Nakell Williams was there.

She talked with Shannon Slaight-Brown who was among hundreds speaking out against Donald Trump’s election outside Hibbs Hall.

” I am here today because I want people to see that I am not willing to take a step back on those things that we have already established in this country that i think are good, ” said Shannon Slaight-Brown.

Protestors say they are not just fighting Trump, but they are fighting his ideals.

They say the president in waiting incites a culture of hate as a way of life for the people of America.

Some are calling for a complete overhaul in the presidential election process.

“The person who got more votes did not win the election. I think we need to think about that and focus on amending a process,” said Kiera Goddu.

Despite calls for unity and Mr.Trump’s vow to be a president for all, protestors say, “While unity does have a place in American politics in the near future,right now there needs to be a space for people to be upset and say that they don’t agree with what has just happened,”said Kiera Goddu.


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