Is Virginia up for grabs on Election Day?

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — In the past few days we have seen candidates from both campaigns visit Virginia. Hillary Clinton had a clear lead over Donald Trump in polls just a couple of weeks ago, but some believe the recent visits show the commonwealth may be up for grabs.

Some political experts say to be wary, however, as the race may not be as close as you think here in the commonwealth.

60baa998589143fc90a6727f0cc778f3“It would be immensely surprising if Virginia voted for Donald Trump overall,” 8News political analyst Richard Meagher said.

Meagher says all indications are that Clinton will carry Virginia, but with recent visits by Donald Trump, Mike Pence and other surrogates to the state, Meagher says the Clinton camp isn’t taking any chances.

“All polls are suggesting that Hillary Clinton is most likely to win tomorrow but it’s not a slam dunk, it’s not an obvious state that she can just ignore,” Meagher said.

And Meagher says decisions to fight for Virginia don’t seem to be coming from Donald Trump’s campaign staff, but from Trump himself.

“Trump just seems to be going everywhere, so it is unusual, but it’s part of Trump’s pattern,” Meagher said.

It is a pattern that did gain Trump the Republican nomination. The national Republican party had this to say:

“Vice President Biden and Senator Kaine’s appearance in Virginia today tells us what the polls and Hillary Clinton’s ad spending have been screaming for weeks: Virginia is up for grabs tomorrow — and democrats know it.”

The Democratic Party of Virginia responded, saying:

“Virginians want to move our country forward, and they will do that by making their voices heard and casting their ballots for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine tomorrow.”

Meagher says Kaine’s return home may be less about the state being a battleground and more about sending him where he’d be most effective.

“How do we get the most bang for our buck with Kaine? It’s just being a little bit strategic and being very careful and not taking anything for granted including the state of Virginia,” Meagher added.

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