Parents outraged after booklets depicting rape, drugs and guns given to Colonial Heights trick-or-treaters

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) – Parents in Colonial Heights were outraged after finding graphic materials in their children’s Halloween bags, only to learn the disturbing booklets came from a church.

“We were sorting through the candy after trick or treating and my son goes, ‘mommy what’s AIDS?’”

10b079c3916a4d2ab359d11eac59954eThat’s when Jennifer Kristiansen found a religious tract entitled ‘Trust Me’ in her nine-year-old’s bag.

“It’s talking about prison rape and getting AIDS,” Kristiansen said. “That’s scary for the kids.”

Chris Burnette, the father of an 11-year old girl also reached out to 8News after finding a copy of the booklet, calling it ‘very inappropriate.’

The booklet shows an innocent high-schooler falling in with the wrong crowd and quickly getting involved with drugs. During an attempt to sell the drugs, he falls victim to a vice squad sting and is sentenced to a lengthy jail term.


While doing his time, he is anally raped by a fellow inmate who infects him with AIDS. As he prepares to die, he repents of his sin and goes to heaven. The tracts were stamped with Faith Baptist Church, located on Roslyn Road in Colonial Heights.

807038146f3444c999ad876c4080f4bc“How’s that appropriate for a 9-year-old?” Kristiansen asked. “The parents in this community are outraged that this is being passed out to children, and it was intentionally passed out to children.”

The church is now apologizing the booklets were given to small children, telling parents the tracts were supposed to be for high school students, aimed at scaring them away from drugs.

Faith Baptist Church also told 8News someone had taken the booklets from the church and handed them out on their own. The church said the booklets have been yanked from its shelves in an effort to keep them from being passed around any further.

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