Colonial Heights vandals hit cars with eggs, BBs on Halloween

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) – Someone played a nasty trick on property owners in Colonial Heights this Halloween, shooting out car windows and hitting vehicles with eggs overnight.

Police are investigating the vandalism and asking anyone with information to come forward.

What began as a festive celebration with candy and costumes turned into a destructive mess in the early morning hours. Property owners spent part of Tuesday cleaning up the mess and shelling out cash for window repairs. Neighbors on Colonial and Cameron Avenues described the destruction they saw Tuesday morning as shocking.


“Neighbors were out in the street with car windows shot out,” said Tammie Spence, who lives on Colonial Avenue.

Some cars were covered in eggs while others, like Rick Wells’, were hit with both.

449b3dd08dc3422ea3f4f40023b749c0“It’s just kids out destroying people’s stuff,” Wells said.

Investigators believe the cars were vandalized between 11 p.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Tuesday. The damage from what appear to be BB’s came with a hefty price tag .

“Almost 600 dollars,” Wells told 8News about the cost of his repairs. “$586 for this window and this window,” he said, gesturing to side and rear windows on the driver’s side of his SUV.

Police filed reports on at least half a dozen cars, most of them on Cameron Avenue.

“My next door neighbor got hit, and at least three other cars,” said Wells.

Just a few doors down, an elderly woman’s house was also hit near the front door.

“This is crazy. Halloween is supposed to be fun for the kids,” Wells told 8News. “You’re not supposed to be going around doing stuff like this.”

ac83234b1fd242729a38dcc7a3eb17e1Most vehicle owners had already fixed their windows and cleaned off the egg residue from their cars by Tuesday afternoon, but until police find the vandals, some said they are concerned the culprits might return and strike again.

“They were either bored or weren’t raised right,” Spence said of the vandals.

Police have canvassed the neighborhood, telling 8News they are following all possible leads. Anyone who was in the area at the time the vehicles were vandalized is asked to call Colonial Heights Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660 (hotline) 804-748-1278 (office).

This is a developing story. Stay with 8News online and on air for the latest updates.

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