Above & Beyond the Classroom: Turf Teacher at Louisa County HS

LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — We continue our Above and Beyond the Classroom segment highlighting teachers that have a huge impact.

One teacher in Louisa County is going back to his own high school to revamp a program that’s all about the grass.


Logan Horne is a new turf teacher at Louisa County High School. He went through the turf management program himself at the school, then went on to study turf in college and worked with the Jacksonville Jaguars, helping them take care of their athletic fields.

But then he said he heard the turf program at Louisa County High School might be in jeopardy.

“I just couldn’t let that happen to this program, given the opportunity to students just like I had coming up through this high school,” he said.


So Horne switched careers and became a teacher.

“I tried to narrow the gap between what you learn and what’s actually applicable to what you do in the field,” he said. “So a lot of things I had when I was in high school, didn’t necessarily relate as much to the job force and when you’re actually working on an athletic field.”

Students seem to be taking notice.

“It helps because he relates to us, he knows what this community means to us and he can help us and it just helps that he knows what we’re going through,” said senior Ethan Fletcher.

Ethan Fletcher
Ethan Fletcher

In class, the students learn about growing grass, landscaping, and painting.

“We spend like 3 days a week just painting the field — we do a lot of logos,” Mr. Horne said.

“I think I like painting the most…going out on the field,” Fletcher said. “It’s fun being out there.”

Horne said it’s a lot of work and often long hours. But it’s a lot of fun.


“I have a really good group of students that stay after almost every day that almost get upset when I can’t stay after. I informed them that hunting season was coming up and we wouldn’t be working as much and they weren’t very happy,” he said laughing.

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