VIDEO: Teasing turns into sleeping giant panda wrestling match at zoo

NANCHANG, China (KRON) — A home invasion was caught on camera, but this one involves a man invading the home of a sleeping giant panda.

It happened at a zoo in an East China province.

The panda, named Mei Ling, was resting when the man snuck into her enclosure, attempting to tease the docile animal, zoo officials said.

The panda woke up and chased the man tackling him to the ground.

After wrestling with the animal, the man finally freed himself and ran away.

Zoo officials say the panda just wanted to play with him and that she acts the same way with her breeders.

Officials believe the man jumped into the enclosure to show off to his female friends.

Mei Ling has received medical evaluations and appears to be fine.

The zoo invader hasn’t been located, but experts say it’s unlikely he was seriously hurt.

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