9-year-old on a mission to end ‘senseless violence’ writes 8News

BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A little girl who is moved by what she sees on the news every night is looking to make a change.

9-year-old Ramiyah Bartee is on a mission to bring an end to senseless violence. So, she wrote 8News a letter.

“Dear 8News, I would love you to hear this and report to the world on TV.”

She also thinks about people affected from storms that leave them homeless. Her grandmother says that’s just the type of child she is.

26576576“She really is a sensitive girl,”Mary Bartee told 8News. “She thinks about other people more than herself.”

What prompted Ramiyah to put pen to paper was when she say the 8News story about a Richmond boy, just two years older than her named Jalil Austin, who had just finished playing football when he was shot in the while doing something Ramiyah does on a regular basis: Visit her grandmother.

786868“That just made me really, really sad because an 11-year old boy, he can’t do the things he wants to do like play football because somebody shot him in the leg, and that’s just it’s not right,” she said.

She thought that boy could’ve been her.

“So if somebody came to me and they shot me in the leg and I couldn’t play tag like I usually do at recess, I would be really sad too,” she said. “So I compared myself to him and that made me write the letter.”

So in the letter, Ramiyah pleaded:

I am so sad that shooting victims are injured and dead, so please stop shooting victims keep the faith and I hope that no other should be hurt or dead. Thank you.”


“P.S. this is so important that people in Hurricane Matthew that did not have food or a place to stay please give them one.”

The letter was one that no one knew she wrote.

“She just brough the letter to me and said, ‘grandma, I wrote a letter to Channel 8News,’ and I said, ‘what are you saying to them?’ She said, ‘I’m telling them about the violence. Somebody needs to tell them to tell people to stop the violence, there’s too much killing.'”

098765Grandma says her grandchild was confident some good would come from her message by mailing it.

“I said, ‘Mya, you just wrote the letter and they get a whole lot of letters, they might not even respond to your letter.’ And Lord have mercy in her heart, she just figured Channel 8 was going to respond.'”

So, the 9-year-old sealed her letter with a heavy heart, pleading with people in hopes that some good would come from it.

Ramiyah’s grandmother said although it was just a simple letter, if by some miracle it encourages just one person not to resort to violence, then it was worthwhile.

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